About Us

What makes Pension Services Inc. stand out in a field of retirement planning consultants?

While others come and go, PSI has been rock solid since 1989, with more than 1000 clients on the U.S. mainland and Puerto Rico.

We like to think that one reason for our longevity is our focus on you, the client. We eschew cookie-cutter, one-size-all plans. Every retirement plan is designed after a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and situation, and it is continually monitored to make sure that the gloves still fit the fingers even after months or years of service.

Since its inception, PSI has focused on customized, qualified retirement plans. We are different from most companies in the field in the care and expertise we invest in our initial assessment. From a feasibility study, we determine how best to maximize benefits and asset protection, as well as tax deductions.

To decide on key variables in the plan, we consider the client as a unique situation. Only after a thorough analysis can we begin to apply some of the yardsticks of a good retirement plan:

  • who should participate?
  • what are the investment and spending parameters?
  • how to achieve the maximum tax benefits?
  • how to decide contributions and benefits to meet the client’s objectives?
  • how to conform best to pension laws?

We don’t walk away when we have finished designing and implementing the best plan for your situation. Our skilled staff of accountants, actuaries, attorneys, and administrators (the ‘A’ team) is there to help with compliance under EPCRS. Our team is also familiar with audit support.

Since we are not affiliated with any investment firm, we don’t collect commissions on recommendations. Our focus is to provide education and information to investment professionals and CPAs in the area of retirement planning.

Here is a partial list of our credentialed staff:


Robert Penafiel, President
New Business & Operations (Miami)


Cameron Kelly


Jason Cao
Actuarial Department


To recap:

PSI designs and administers qualified retirement plans. We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • feasibility studies
  • plan design & installation
  • actuarial services
  • annual administration and testing
  • annual reviews
  • seminars
  • plan terminations
  • audit support

To ensure that the plan is a perfect fit for the client, we consider cost, tax savings, participation, benefits, and pension law.

We are an independent professional firm, not owned by any insurance company, brokerage or financial institution. We work only for you, the client.

Our wide-ranging experience in retirement planning and administration, along with sophisticated actuarial and computer software, assures you the highest-caliber service, and a plan to meet the client’s needs and objectives.