Feasibility Studies

In today’s business world, few companies can afford to ignore retirement planning. First there is the need to attract and retain the best talent. Secondly, it’s important to effectively compensate key employees.

Just as you wouldn’t launch a new business without a plan, a feasibility study is the first step towards constructing a sound retirement program.

At PSI, our multidisciplinary team analyzes critical aspects of retirement planning:

  • What’s to be gained– for the company, employees, and management
  • Which type of plan is best for the client company
  • Optimum number of employees to make the plan viable
  • How to design a plan that will attract and keep talented workers
  • Determining eligibility, initial investment, and maximum contributions
  • Defining benefits and subsequent adjustments
  • Managing administrative costs and tax implications
  • How best to communicate the details and benefits of the plan to management and employees
  • How much risk is tolerable or desirable
  • How to ensure the long-term viability of the plan.

A highly competitive labor market makes a sound retirement plan essential to recruitment and retention. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tools in the recruitment arsenal. And the incentive doesn’t stop after the hire: Good management is aware that retirement benefits can be a factor in keeping the company performing at its peak, year after year.

Since 1989, PSI professionals– with more than 100 years of experience among them– have been rock-solid in the retirement planning business in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, with more than 1000 plans under administration.

At PSI, our actuaries, accountants, attorneys, and administrators have the tools and experience to analyze, understand and communicate the client’s goals and principles.

We recognize that each client company has its own field of expertise– whether it be copper mining, telecommunications, or pharmaceuticals. This expertise, however impressive, may not include the training or aptitude for designing and administering a retirement plan. That is why today’s businesses need specialists such as PSI.

Every corporation is unique, with its own demographics, salary levels, incentives, cost constraints, and targets. Yet the objectives tend to be surprisingly similar: Create a plan that will benefit employees and employers, keep costs to a minimum, and achieve a healthy return without intolerable risk.

Whether it’s defined benefit, defined contribution, or a hybrid designed to fit the client’s unique profile . . . our feasibility study will support informed decision-making and direct the construction of a customized plan.

These days, retirement plans come in a variety of entrées– spiced with options like safe harbor, Roth IRAs and myRA’s. Clients need expert advice to guide them through the menu. The process begins with a feasibility study from the financially savvy team at PSI.