PSI Head Office

Pension Services Inc. offers the full range of qualified retirement plans, from feasibility studies to termination. From our home office in Miami, we offer a diverse range of talents required for superior results in customized retirement planning.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Our New Business department collects employee and employer data to enable us to find the right plan for the business. Some of the information that we take into consideration includes employee demographics, income levels, cost considerations, retirement goals, tax liabilities, participation, and funding options.

We also work with investment providers to implement the plan, and continuously monitor changes in legislation, regulation, rules and court decisions to ensure our clients are in compliance.

The Compliance Consulting department specializes in offering administrative support and expertise to comply with all IRS, DOL, PBGC, and Hacienda regulations. This service is designed to help the client avoid costly penalties and save valuable time.

Our Actuarial Department includes a licensed actuary (former mathematics professor) who specializes in pension services.

Our Legal Department includes two attorneys who specialize in ERISA (retirement law) with 50 years of experience in the pension industry, and a certified legal assistant. The legal department works with the client and/or their attorneys to prepare plan documents, technical amendments; to provide announcements for participations; to apply for IRS determination letters; to handle the required IRS approvals as well as annual DOL and PBGC reports; to provide IRS, DOL, and PBGC audit support.

Our Participant Services department is another liaison with clients. We begin by collecting information from the client and by assembling the necessary forms and instructions.

We also calculate vested benefits for employees, process loans, make in-service deductions, handle termination and hardship distributions, prepare 1099(R), 945, and 1096 forms.

This unique team of dedicated individuals has devised proprietary software tools to enhance our retirement planning and streamline the process of getting a client company up to speed.

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