At PSI, we work with companies of all different stripes. Manufacturing, services, trade, retail, B2B, communications . . . And if there is one thing that stands out in this multicolored morass, it is that specialization is a key to success in our economic era.

That’s why we call ourselves Pension Services Inc. It’s what we do. It’s not a sideshow, not a tangential service; it’s our mission and our calling.

At PSI, we feel our consulting services in this field are unparalleled. Our strength is reflected in the mix of talent we have onboard. PSI consists of staff actuaries, seasoned accountants, administrators with experience in retirement planning, and attorneys who specialize in retirement benefits.

Contrary to some popular ideas, hiring a corporate retirement consultant should not be about stock-picking. Instead, corporate retirement planners need a familiarity with the subject and the process– e.g., financial regulations, corporate law, actuarial tables, demographics, employee and census data . . . .We could go on, but you get the idea.

PSI was established with one goal in mind: To bring together a team that would provide the highest level of service to our partners and client companies. We understand that a partner or a client who chooses PSI is entrusting us with one of their greatest assets.

Since 1989, we have carefully enhanced our depth of service, and kept pace with changes and adaptations in the field. Whereas some large companies merely added a menu item on their website [RETIREMENT], for us it has always been the main thrust of our business.

That’s what makes us so good in this business. Retirement planning, like most things in this world, has not gotten simpler over the past decades. Increasingly, it is a field best left to specialists.

Each client must be viewed as a unique entity, like a differential equation waiting to be solved. It’s not effective to throw a cookie-cutter, blanket solution over very different entities. That approach doesn’t work in manufacturing; it certainly doesn’t work in retirement planning.

That’s why we approach each client from the ground up– getting acquainted with their business, their employees, their goals, and the way they feel most comfortable dealing with retirement issues.

PSI recognizes the need for a multifaceted approach, one that calls for flexible, comprehensive, responsible, customized, technologically advanced solutions. We pride ourselves on getting to know the client before we presume to suggest solutions.

If you or your clients are tired of off-the-shelf packages that must be broken apart and rebuilt and still don’t fit the situation, maybe it’s time to sit down with a PSI consultant.