Our Approach

A quick glance at the Internet will attest to the fact that generic retirement plans are a dime a dozen.

In fact, there are more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies that offer some type of corporate pension plan. Whether these plans adequately serve the interests of the client company is another question.

At PSI, we’ve been designing custom retirement plans for a quarter of a century. We have compiled hundreds of work-years in experience in this field. We approach every situation and every client as a new puzzle to be studied, solved, and satisfied. Nothing less than complete customer satisfaction will do.

We now have more than 1000 retirement plans under administration in the United States and Puerto Rico. The diversity of our client base as well as our long history in the industry has made us the leader among customized plans. Success is in our DNA.

We take special pride in our ability to design qualified plans that offer the greatest tax deductions and maximum contributions.

Our staff is comprised of our ‘A’ team– accountants, actuaries, administrators, and attorneys– all of whom specialize in the field of retirement and benefits. By working together to analyze each company as a unique entity, and applying our broad knowledge of tax law, demographics, finance, and the countless details of the field, we have been successful in designing and administering plans for a wide variety of corporations– from self-employed sole practitioners to companies with 1000 or more employees.

Our attention to service does not stop when the plan is designed and running smoothly. Constantly changing regulations and a changing work force require that each plan be continually monitored.

The great majority of corporate clients do not want or need to be concerned with that level of detail about their retirement plan. It is a specialist’s corner, an arcane field that is well-served by professionals who make it their chosen trade.

We don’t do criminal law. We don’t engage in real estate transactions. At PSI, we adhere to our name– Pension Services Inc.– and leave the extraneous business to other firms.

Our new business department collects data on employers and employees, and researches and analyzes the needs of each client before we begin to design a retirement plan that is tailored to their specific needs and situation.

Give us a call or drop an email and find out why PSI has been a leader in its field since 1989. Find out how we can help each client with a plan that fits them– and no other enterprise– like a well-sewn glove.