Our Policies

PSI administers over 1000 retirement plans in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Our clients range from one-person sole proprietorships to corporations with more than a thousand employees.

However, this wide-ranging experience does not mean that we apply the same cookie-cutter formula to each situation. At PSI, we take special pride in our ability to craft a custom retirement plan that works with the demographics and objectives of a particular client.

It’s our policy at PSI to begin each project with a learning period: collecting employee and employer data; researching and assessing the needs of each client. Only after we’ve become knowledgable about the client’s business can we begin to design a retirement plan that’s tailored to their needs and circumstances.

Each job starts with a thorough analysis, which is used to create a customized retirement plan.

By arranging the plan specifics to a given business– with its own unique demographics, objectives and growth patterns– we can better manage and optimize owner contributions, tax implications, and the outcome for all concerned.

Here are a few of the factors we take into account in the initial assessment:

  • Employee demographics
  • Income levels
  • Cost constraints
  • Retirement goals of management and employees
  • Tax liabilities
  • Employee participation
  • Funding options
  • Related issues specific to the client’s industry or business.

Our staff includes two ERISA attorneys as well as a certified legal assistant. We also have onboard a full-time actuary who understands the confluence of risk management and demographics. This type of experience allows us to apply expertise to every level of the process.