Mission Strategy

Since its founding in 1989, Pension Services, Inc. has had one mission in mind: To offer the highest calibre and most complete service to clients in the area of qualified retirement plans.

Many firms claim to ‘do’ retirement planning. These could be large investment brokerage companies that view retirement planning as a tangent to their main area of business, or small professional offices that have one or two CPAs on staff.

At Pension Services, Inc., we are committed to offering the full array of services that constitute retirement planning– from actuarial services for calculating demographic trends, contributions, pay-outs, and taxes; to legal expertise for advising our clients on regulations, compliance, and corporate governance; to accounting and administrative skills to handle design, implementation, administration and maintenance.

With this array of skills onboard, our full-blown mission can be stated quite simply: PSI strives to create the best available plan tailored to our client’s specific needs and goals.

Our services include:

  • actuarial functions
  • plan design
  • plan installation
  • third-party administration
  • compliance testing
  • audit support
  • other intricacies of plan design, implementation, administration, and maintenance.

Because we are not a huge corporation with many irons in the fire, we have the ability to concentrate our resources on each individual client.

Whether dealing with a solo practitioner, a medical software start-up or a well-established marketing company with a thousand employees, PSI approaches each situation as a unique opportunity, applying our specialized savvy and concentrated expertise to a given situation.

This combination of breadth of knowledge and vertical specialization in retirement planning has stood us in good stead. Our clients have come to depend on us for sophisticated, specialized knowledge in the area of qualified retirement plans.

With each client and each situation, we strive to conform to our three business principles: trust, communication, respect.

We have learned through the years that mutual trust and respect are the foundation of a good business relationship, and that the best-laid plans can go awry if communication is neglected.

Our clients can depend on us to give them honest effort and straight answers, to respect their opinions and their knowledge of their own business– and to communicate what we are doing and why, even in the most complex or fluid situations.

Our mission is to achieve the client’s goals.  It’s the number-one reason why PSI has been successful for more than 25 years, why our clients stay with PSI year after year, why our reputation is solid on the mainland and in Puerto Rico, why our reputation is unsullied and our expertise unparalleled in the field of retirement planning.