PSI Brand

Since 1989, Pension Services, Inc. has made its mark on retirement planning for corporations. Our reputation stands behind every client, and every qualified retirement plan we have designed, implemented, administered, and maintained contains our ‘stamp’ of customized excellence.

Performing to a higher standard– our slogan– merely describes business as usual.

The retirement business is replete with self-proclaimed experts who come from various walks of commerce. Some attempt to persuade workers to save for the future. Others specialize in helping management avoid penalties and taxes. Some specialize in executive compensation; others represent brokerage firms that would like the opportunity to manage the client’s funds.

Pension Services, Inc. is different. What we do is almost unique in the industry, both for its scope of service and for its vertical efficacy.

Here’s a quick summary of what we do, and how we differentiate our services from the rest:

  1. PSI creates and administers qualified retirement plans– that is, those that are defined and regulated by the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. PSI does not sell off-the-shelf programs. We create a custom retirement plan for each client, based on the client’s profile, demographics, financial situation, objectives and other variables.
  3. PSI employs an actuary; accountants (CPAs and support staff) whose expertise is retirement planning; attorneys who specialize in Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law; consultants and other professionals with deep training and background in this specific field.
  4. PSI’s service does not begin and end with providing a plan. We apply feasibility studies; design and install a customized retirement plan; conduct actuarial and financial assessments; handle administrative testing and reviews; operate educational seminars; and oversee plan terminations.
  5. PSI operates under the associates concept. We are not owned by, and we don’t represent, a brokerage firm, insurance company or other organization whose objectives may not be identical to those of the client.
  6. At PSI, our service is unique and customized. This has enabled us to create software tools which are proprietary and which can’t be acquired elsewhere.
  7. After PSI designs and helps to implement a customized retirement plan, we offer ongoing support and administrative assistance– to the point of termination, if that’s the client’s objective.

At PSI, we encourage clients to shop for the best retirement planning service, to talk with our consultants, and to request a proposal.

Our services begin, not with a speech about how great we are, but with a request for information about the client– their employees, company, owners, directors, history, and goals. By examining this company profile, we can determine which type of plan and the specifics which would most benefit the client.

Performing to a higher standard: that’s our motto. Nothing less will do.