Investor Relationships

Retirement planning is a complicated business, drawing on demographics, finance, corporate objectives and regulations (as well as a host of other factors) to design a qualified plan. At PSI, we take a team approach, to ensure we have all the bases covered.

Our staff has the resources and skills to produce a comprehensive and sophisticated retirement plan, and our relationships with key professionals provide an important component of this service.

We value our relationships with financial advisors and investment providers who, like PSI, respect the client’s objectives. In return, these professionals know they can trust PSI to design and administer a high-quality custom retirement plan, one that keeps abreast of the client’s evolving and long-term objectives.

At PSI, we’ve been designing custom qualified retirement plans for a quarter of a century. We have compiled hundreds of work-years of experience in this field, and hundreds of unique plans. Yet we still approach every situation and every client as a novel situation. As a company it is our policy to accept nothing less than complete satisfaction from our partners and our clients.

With more than 1000 retirement plans under administration in the United States and Puerto Rico, the diversity of our client base as well as our long history in the industry has made us the leader among customized plans. Success is in our DNA.

Many companies offer some type of qualified pension planning. Few, if any, approach each new client as we do, gathering information and designing a plan ‘from scratch’ to ensure client satisfaction.

We take special pride in our ability to design qualified plans that offer the greatest tax deductions and maximum contributions. Working with elite investment providers gives us the flexibility and the market reach to create a plan to suit each individual client.

By treating each company as a unique enterprise, applying our broad knowledge of tax law, demographics, and finance, and drawing on contributions from our partners and allies, we have designed and administered top-quality retirement plans for a variety of corporations– from self-employed sole practitioners to companies with 1000-plus employees.

Our attention to service does not stop when the plan is designed and implemented. We monitor changing regulations and a changing work force to make sure the plan stays on target and in compliance– long term. It is helpful to know that our partners, too, are in this business for the duration.

Retirement planning involves multiple levels of service, with the relationship between client and consultant as the basic component, and relationships across the industry as the glue. Find out why PSI has been a leader in its field since 1989. Call our Miami office today, or submit a request for proposal online.